Yesterday, no blog; Today, blog!

What you can expect from this blog:

  • Reviews of books, audiobooks, an occasional movie, play or piece of music;
  • Every once in a while, something related to the book, audiobook, movie, play or music I’ve reviewed. This may include (but is not limited to) recipes, photos, video, sound clips or art;
  • Occasionally a dream, conspiracy theory or something so absurd that I will have to share even though I’m sure you won’t believe me

What you will NOT find on this blog:

  • Me being a tool for the company I work for (Blackstone Audio, Inc.) This is a personal blog and the opinions expressed herein are my own;
  • Discussions/posts/pictures about politics, porn, meanness or, my family life unless its so funny that you think a) I have to be making it up and/or b) truly relevant to a title review
  • No monetizing. This may change after a year or two; but not now

Why I didn’t have a blog yesterday:

  • The thought of maintaining a blog was frankly enervating;
  • People who have encouraged me to start a blog have always said things like, “brand the world with your wit” or “You’d be awesome at this” or such. Who do these people think I am? Disappointment and embarrassment is sure to follow but now I realize that’s on them (not me;)
  • I was afraid that I might hurt an author or narrator’s feelings. I have a professional and/or personal relationship with a number of authors and narrators, people I really like and I don’t really want to have tell any of them that they might have the literary equivalent of spinach stuck in their teeth; on the other hand, only a true friend would tell you that 🙂

Why I have a blog today:

  • I like writing stuff. Make no mistake, I have no ambitions about becoming a professional critic, writer or author; but I do have a desire to express things beyond the 140 character set of a tweet

As the blog evolves and I find my voice, I hope you’ll be along for the ride.

Stay Cool & Keep the Faith,


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