2010-2011, My Audiobook Year

I’ve been exploring my world through audiobooks for over sixteen years! It all started when the narrator, Grover Gardner, asked me to proof his work on Umberto Ecco’s Foucault’s Pendulum. Proofing an audiobook means to check the audio for misreads (both text deviations and egregious misinterpretations) and for noise anomalies. In addition, I also started monitoring at Grover’s home studio. Monitoring was the name given to studio engineers in those days. The monitor kept the narrator on track, cued up the tape for re-reads, and ran the recording equipment. I proofed and monitored for Grover and for other narrators, eventually started my own business, Dog Eared Copy, Inc. to research and proof audiobooks. When Grover took on the responsibilities of Studio Director at Blackstone Audio, Inc. and moved us to Southern Oregon, I continued to do some freelance proofing and research until being brought into Blackstone myself. I was a Blackstone proofer for a couple more years, gradually moving into the studio and adding a lot more admin work into the mix. These days, my business card reads “Studio Services” which is a rather euphemistic way of saying I help with studio productions. And stuff.

I keep a blog, dog eared copy, which focuses on audiobook reviews. It is a personal blog with no advertisements that currently features audiobook reviews, “Flashback Friday” (wherein I take a look at pre-log material that I’ve journaled) and now “The Pink Chair” which I introduced today as a weekly item. The Pink Chair seeks to provide more detailed responses to twitter questions that have cropped up. I actually do listen to other companies’ audiobooks; but I always get a kick when someone recommends to me a Blackstone title!

At the end of 2010 I wrote a blog post (“Four Epiphanies”) that, instead of listing my favorite audiobooks of the year, summarized some of the ideas that emerged form my reading and listening and, the titles that informed them. Among the titles mentioned was one that made my personal Pantheon of All-Time Great Audiobooks, Matterhorn (by Karl Marlantes; narrated by Bronson Pinchot.) This year, so far, I’ve listened to some great audiobooks, including but not limited to, Columbine (by Dave Cullen; narrated by Don Leslie) and A Quiet Belief in Angels (by R.J. Ellory; narrated by Mark Bramhall.) And yet, I still feel I haven’t hit upon the audiobook of the year yet!


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