Audiobook Week: Audiobook Resources

Audiobook Week

Learning about great audiobook titles is part of my job! Every month, I familiarize myself with the Blackstone Audio’s catalogs and assign titles to listener advisory services (i.e. reviewers.) Some LASs have very general qualifications while others, like bloggers, have very specific tastes. In this way, I often come across titles that I think I might be interested in for myself! For instance, I’m looking at an upcoming catalog right now and there’s a T.C. McCarthy novel I’m curious about: Germline, The first in the Subterrene War Trilogy. Adding that to my TBL-Q now…

But even though it’s easy to pick and choose from Blackstone’s offerings, I do review titles from all audiobook publishers! Though it would be easy to check the Upcoming Releases pages of other audiobook companies, I find most of my recommendations from twitter conversations. Occasionally, someone will leave a recommendation on my blog too. I always love it when someone happens to recommend back to me a Blackstone Audio title! Twitter and blog recommendations have led me to I am Legend (by Richard Matheson; narrated by Robertson Dean) and The Haunting of Hill House (by Shirley Jackson; narrated by Bernadette Dunne,) titles I might have well have overlooked despite having been produced by Blackstone Audio by virtue of the fact that Blackstone produces a lot of audiobooks and, I can’t listen to them all! 

I would like to give a special shout out to Beth Harper at Harper Audio. Every month Harper Audio sends out an e-mail with audiobooks available for review. I look forward to these e-mails. They aren’t aggressive or demanding. They simply showcase Harper Audio’s offerings and let me know they are available for review. I love this! In fact, I’m just about to wrap up Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? (by Steven Tyler and David Dalton; narrated by Jeremy Davidson) which I requested from Harper Audio and,will be posting a review next week 🙂 

I’m also involved in a  couple of challenges every year and the qualifications for each usually involve me searching out titles per the requirements of the challenge, not by audiobook publisher, new releases or even recommendations. Recently, I was trying to find a book set in Delaware, which led me to West of Rehoboth (by Alexs D. Pate; narrated by Dion Graham) Because it is an older title, it would have likely escaped my notice had I not been looking for something that specific.

As for audiobook reviews, Audiobook Jukebox is a great aggregator of all blog reviews and; of course there are the trade reviews in AudioFile Magazine, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and


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