Ten On Tuesday: 02/14/2012

For the past two weeks, I’ve been in double studio sessions and as a result my ears are blasted out. I haven’t been listening to my audiobooks (or music either. In point of fact, I’ve been glaring at people who are talking and silently wishing they would STFU; but that would be rude to say out loud as it isn’t their fault I find noises painful.) I have hyper acute hearing which works well in the audiobook industry for the most part; but it’s days like these when it kinda works against ya :-/
Anyway, I’ve still got the rambling, discursive audio that is Dispatches on my iPod, ready to resume when I am. Dispatches is a perfect example of what happens when you give a typewriter to a stoner. Or maybe some hash to a journalist. I haven’t quite made up my mid about it yet. I left off just when the impressionist bits of imagery were coalescing into the picture of Khe Sanh that Michael Herring is portraying. Ray Porter is a bit too… earnest for my taste in this book and I’m pretty sure the word is “artillery,” not “artilerary;” but he does okay overall.
I’m continuing my reading of Atwood with The Blind Assassin. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it’s pleasantly engrossing. Its about Laura and Iris Chase, two sisters born before WWI and who are women of their times. There’s a story within a story; but I think maybe there’s another layer of story on top of all that. We’ll see.
  1. Dispatches (by Michael Herr; narrated by Ray Porter)
  2. The Blind Assassin (by Margaret Atwood)
  3. Duchess in Love (The Duchess Quartet, Book #1; by Eloisa James; narrated by Justine Eyre)
  4. Quantum of Solace (Bond Novel #8; by Ian Fleming; narrated by Simon Vance)
  5. Alias Grace (by Margaret Atwood)
  6. The Ghosts of Belfast (Jack Lennon Novels, Book #1; by Stuart Neville; narrated by Gerard Doyle)
  7. Emma (by Jane Austen)
  8. Enough About Love (by Herve LeTellier)
  9. Something Borrowed (by Emily Griffin)
  10. The Kite Runner (by Khaled Hosseini)

Basically, I’ve just shuffled a couple things around on the list, no big deal; but the thing that may blow all of this out of the water is The Stand (by Stephen King; narrated by Grover Gardner.) It was just released today and I’m having a hard time not blowing all of this off and listening to that instead! Audio-wise, I think all bets will be off after The Quantum of Solace 🙂

Print-wise, I’m hearing something about a SoHo Crime Fiction Read-Along. I won’t know the details until later tonight; but that could also upset the apple cart!


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