My Future Self: Head to Toe: Water

One of the basic things I need to do is drink more water! To be more precise, I need to drink two to three liters of water a day. This hopefully will have two side affects: 1) detox my body of “stuff” and 2) improve the condition of my hair and skin. So, for Lent and this phase of the Head to Toe project, I’m going to drink at least  three water bottles of water a day. The white water bottle you see in the picture (Old Navy purchase a couple of years ago) will hold .75l of water. I will fill it in the mornings before I go to work and refill it at the water coolers there. 

In addition, I’m giving up things that are not water. No coffee (or coffee drinks), alcohol, sodas, sports drinks or juices. Tough call for a couple of reasons: I’ve been getting in the habit of grabbing a mocha from a local Human Bean kiosk before walking the dogs in the park; I liked the combo of OJ and a banana for breakfast; I’ve been fooling myself that if I drink a soda with sugar instead of HFCS that that is okay; my birthday is coming up with the temptation to drink; and lastly, water can get really boring. But on the other hand, I can handle boring and all the rest of it! It beats feeling lousy about how I look and fearful about the damage that all that other stuff is doing to my body.

So here we go… already as I was writing this post, I drank .75 liters 🙂

                            Head to Toe_Water


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