When I was doing the Game On Diet (book by Krista Vernoff & A.Z. Ferguson), they recommended a snack that included an apple, a banana and a few raw cashew nuts. If they ever explained why nuts were included in the regime, I’m sure I don’t remember it and, looking through the book now, I can’t seem to find anything. I asked my co-worker and friend Erik (who is into body building and overall physical fitness) about it and he gave me the run-down in a hallway conversation. Of course, I then couldn’t remember what he said when I tried to repeat it to someone else. Erik kindly wrote an e-mail response up for me:

Well what happens is that [the fruit alone] will spike your insulin, and if you don’t burn it [your body] will store it.  I’m not saying that eating an apple alone will make fat, it will cause your body to store the unused carbs (sugars).  Adding some protein (nuts) will allow your body to not go to storing.




There is a bunch of stuff to weed trough.  Another thing is that if you are not eating enough (calories) your body goes into that storing mode.  That is what is wrong with so many “diets.”  You really need to eat to [lose], but it is also what you eat.  This is a pretty good article on this subject:


even better:



Once you [determine] how many calories you need, divide that into 6-7 meals.  That is what you should be eating per meal.  It tuns out to be a lot more than most people think, but it works.



I hope I did not make this more confusing, I just love being able to let people know that they can do it.


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