Book Beginnings on Fridays: 03/30/2012

I was in the fifth grade the first time I thought about turning thirty.

This is the first line in Something Borrowed (by Emily Giffin,) a light novel I just picked up. I laughed aloud, recalling my own childhood and fantastic plans I had for the future! By age twenty-two, I would be married to a boy named Chris or possibly John and, we would have four kids (two boys and two girls, thank you!) By age thirty I would have a townhouse in Georgetown and drive an antique roadster (a cream-colored Excalibur to be specific!) I would be drinking vintage wines and traveling the world to exotic places like Mongolia, Egypt and the Amazon… My best friend and I would spends hours upon hours planning out our lives down to the minutest detail – from our weddings to our funerals. I’m not sure why we thought our wedding days would be the beginnings of our lives, or even why we thought we could plan our lives at all! Oddly and perhaps sadly, I’m not sure why we stopped…

When you were ten or so, did you plan your life? What did you think it would be like?


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