Ant’s POV

Support Beam / Known Ant Trail 

Camera: Nion D3100; Focal Length: 32; FNumber: 2.8; Exposure Time 1/40

Post: N/A

Comments: This support beam sits atop a waist-high retaining wall, next to an ant colony and a camellia  bush. Every Spring, the ants surge forth from their underground lairs and trek up and down this support beam – Sorta like their version of the Ho Chin Minh trail. Anyway, the winter weather has not yet abated fully here; and the ants are still hibernating; but this is what I imagine they would see as they make their first forays above ground.


Welcome to 30 Days of Photography II! Every day for the thirty days April, I will post a photo based on a theme as dictated by the two people hosting this meme: Ziva and Mike! These are the other participants of 30 Days of Photography II:

Be sure to check out their photos too!


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