Self Portrait at Upper Table Rock, Southern Oregon

Camera: Nikon D3100; Focal Length: 30; FNumber: 4.5; Exposure Time 1/640

Post: Black & White Conversion

Comments: You may be wondering, WTF? This is supposed to be a stranger! Well, first off, to you, I am. So there. Second, to be quite honest, I don’t even recognize myself anymore. Who is this middle-aged, overweight, graying, near-sighted woman who wears nerdy clip on sunglasses over bifocals? This is not who I was five years ago and the transformation has left me dumbfounded. What’s even weirder, is that I’m a stranger in a strange land on two more levels: I’m Spot the City Dog now living in a rural community and; this picture was taken on a Native American (Modoc) property where absolutely zero percent of my ancestors came from. To drive the stranger theme into the ground some more, I converted the shot into blacks & white as a nod to the traditional colors found on the cover art of Albert Camus’ The Stranger.


Welcome to 30 Days of Photography II! Every day for the thirty days April, I will post a photo based on a theme as dictated by the two people hosting this meme: Ziva and Mike! These are the other participants of 30 Days of Photography II:

Be sure to check out their photos too!


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