Partial View form the top of Table Rock, Southern Oregon

Camera: Nikon D3100; Focal Length: 30; FNumber: 4.5; Exposure Time 1/200

Post: N/A

Comments: I am afraid of heights. I didn’t use to be. In fact I used to hang practically from my toes from lighting grids, Genies and swaying ladders; but something happened abut ten years ago and now I can barely make my way through the second floor of a shopping mall. It’s bad. It’s more than vertigo. It’s having your legs give out from underneath you and blacking out. Last week-end, I was determined not to let my fear conquer me though. I wanted a shot of the thing I feared the most. I got close to the edge of the mesa. I got down on my belly and crawled as far forward as I dared and tried to take a shot of the vertical. Even though I was as close to the ground as I could possibly get, it was… too much. It’s not a great shot; but it was the best I could do :-/


Welcome to 30 Days of Photography II! Every day for the thirty days April, I will post a photo based on a theme as dictated by the two people hosting this meme: Ziva and Mike! These are the other participants of 30 Days of Photography II:

Be sure to check out their photos too!


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