Camera: Nikon 3Gs

Post: Cropping


Comments: Cover of a hardback book: The story is about a guy named Ig, whose life after the death of his beloved Merrin, goes to hell in a handbasket. Also, he has horns. And dark powers… I chose this subject to  because of the variegated finish and details of the cover – just to see how various light sources would effect the cover art. What was really interesting to me is that the author’s name appears to have almost a gold foil  look, when in fact it’s just mustard yellow@

Welcome to 30 Days of Photography II! Every day for the thirty days April, I will post a photo based on a theme as dictated by the two people hosting this meme: Ziva and Mike! These are the other participants of 30 Days of Photography II:

Be sure to check out their photos too!


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