Murder, Monsters, Mayhem: A Return to Blogging

I couldn’t resist! It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged; but I do so love Murder, Monsters, Mayhem that I’ve decided to come back, if only for a little bit! Some of the things I have in mind are a couple of print reviews, a few audiobook reviews, at least three graphic novel reviews, a couple of movie reviews and maybe a couple of photos! I’m not making a hard commitment as to what I’m going to be covering if only because I want this month to be fun and pressure free  🙂

I’ve been away from blogging for almost three months and there are things I’ve missed, i.e. being a part of the blogging community in a dynamic way. I feel a little estranged from some of my favorite people and that sucks. But what I haven’t missed is the pressure to produce meaningful content while I’ve been working on leading a more physically active life. I’ve led a primarily sedentary lifestyle for too long and it was literally killing me. On top of the blogexistential crises I had been experiencing, I will be honest and admit that I didn’t know if I was going to come back at all.

But now that I am back, and in order to avoid a Blogger Burnout Relapse, there are going to be couple of changes. One is is that there is not going to a regularly scheduled anything! I will post when I can and hopefully that will eliminate the anxiety attacks at 5:00 a.m. when I don’t have something to go up at 7:00 a.m. And too, I like the idea of not feeling guilty if I go out to dinner instead of having epic angst-ridden battles over the correct turn of phrase (Um, yes, I did have those kind of days/nights. I know, ridiculous, yes? YES!) The second change is that some of the reviews may actually be more op-ed in style (I will clearly label them as such) –  informal and personal. Hopefully this will free me up from the strangle hold of writer’s block that I would sometimes experience. They were quite a few reviews that never made it out of draft mode because I simply could not get beyond the purely subjective, and sometimes admittedly ad hominem, approach. Does that mean I’m going go about ranting unchecked? NO! It just means I need to give myself permission to let some of my personality show through. The third change is that I would like to cover a wider variety of material besides audiobooks. With that in mind, I’m thinking of blogging to a monthly theme as opposed to a format. Blogging to participate in features such as MX3 may be the way for me to go for awhile 🙂

For those of you who have stuck with me, THANK YOU! You know who you are and I love you! Your patience, understanding and continued friendship mean a lot to me as I continue to find my voice and place in the blogging community.

Now let’s get this blog rolling….


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