07/40: The Nazi and The Psychiatrist

The Nazi and the Psychiatrist

by Jack El-Hai

To be published 09/10/2013

WHO: Hermann Göring and other top Nazis…

 WHAT: were examined by psychiatrists and psychologists, notably MajorDouglas McGlashan Kelley…

WHERE: while the alleged war criminals were held in custody at The Palace of Justice prior to the Nuremburg trials… 

WHEN: in 1945-1946…

WHY: to determine if there was a specific mental aberration common amongst all subjects that would account for the Nazi atrocities. 

HOW:  Using Rorschach ink-blot tests, semantic approach, interviews and IQ tests, the test administrators struggled to find commonality amongst the Nazis as well as amongst themselves.


OTHER: I received a galley copy of The Nazi and The Psychiatrist (by Jack El-Hai) from Blackstone Audio, Inc. for the express purpose of research: I vetted the manuscript for words and phrases that the narrator (yet to be determined) might have questions as to how to pronounce and; looked up the pronunciations. I will receive financial renumeration for looking up the pronunciations of the aforementioned words and phrases. As this title is work-related, I will not review this title. 

I have challenged myself to read forty books this summer. Many books will be backlist titles as I’m trying to clear the stacks; but I have no doubt that new releases will make their way in too! In this case, this post indicates that I have read a title and am counting it in the pursuit of attaining my goal 😉


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