12/40: Moonlight Mile (by Dennis Lehane)


Moonlight Mile

by Dennis Lehane

Published November 2, 2010 by William Morrow

Kenzie & Gennaro #6

WHO: Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro…

WHAT: are asked to look into the disappearance of a teen-aged girl…

WHERE: from her home environs in Dorchester and the Boston enclaves…

WHEN: twelve years after the events in Gone Baby Gone, which serves as the set-up for the moral equivocation of “societal ethics versus situational ethics” as defined within the context of children and families, and which is played out further in this novel.

WHY: Haunted by the teenager’s aunt’s face, “pained and prematurely aged and possibly crazed,” Patrick decides to pursue the case despite common sense…

HOW: and solicits the help of Angela to close out this chapter of his life.

+ Yay for Dennis Lehane who didn’t keep his series characters stuck in a time or cultural vacuum! Readers still recognize the core make-up of Kenzie and Gennaro as they develop, change and otherwise mature over real time.

Oh! But this seems like Lehane is writing off his series and with a whimper instead of a bang at that. This is not his strongest writing: The plot seems thin and outlined rather than fully developed. Moonlight Mile is a tired effort that doesn’t ring true, as in Lehane didn’t keep it real.

Also: There wasn’t enough Bubba. 

OTHER: I acquired a used copy of Moonlight Mile (by Dennis Lehane) from the Rogue Book Exchange (Medford, OR.) I receive no monies, goods or services in exchange for reviewing the product and/or mentioning any of the persons or companies that are or may be implied in this post. 

I have challenged myself to read forty books this summer. Many books will be backlist titles as I’m trying to clear the stacks; but I have no doubt that new releases will make their way in too! 😉


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