15/40: Sin City: The Hard Goodbye (by Frank Miller)


Sin City: The Hard Goodbye 

by Frank Miller

Third Edition Published in 2010  by Dark Horse Comics

(Vol. 1): “This volume collects stories originally published in issues fifty-one through sixty-two of the Dark Horse Comic Book series Dark Horse Presents and in the Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary  Special, originally edited by Randy Stradley.”

WHO: Marv, a big ugly brute…

WHAT: wakes up in the morning after a night with Goldie, a beautiful woman who, unfortunately is now dead…

WHERE: in a seedy motel room in Basin City (“Sin City”,) an underground venue populated with prostitutes, corrupt cops, thugs, addicts and drunks. 

WHEN: The time is now or in the very near future as…

WHY: Marv goes out and tries to figure what exactly has happened and who is responsible.

HOW: Relying on his animal nature, Marv seeks vigilante justice.

+ The black ink panels are amazing in rendering light/shadow, texture, emotion and movement with both fines lines and blocks of black/white. The overall selection of “shots” to tell the story gives the reader a sense of the spaces and the subjects’ position within each scene.

+ The women in the story wield their sex like a weapon. Though Frank Miller draws the women in a highly sexualized way and they are often the victims in the story, these are not women without intelligence or resources.

+ The story probably doesn’t end the way you think it would/should; but it’s true to the world which Frank Miller has created.

Marv and/or Miller twice expresses a rather provocative, gratuitous sentiment (two different issues) wherein he doesn’t understand that there’s no correlation between a person’s looks and their sexual orientation :-/

“She’s a dyke but God knows why. // With that body of hers she could have any man she wants”

In Miller’s world of alleyways and strippers and such, for some reason this is the one thing that jumped out at me as “wrong”; and while not a deal-breaker for me in terms of continuing the story/series, it might be for others.

OTHER: I purchased a print copy of Sin City: The Hard Goodbye (Vol. 1) (by Frank Miller.) I apologize, but I do not remember who I purchased it from! I receive no monies, goods or services in exchange for reviewing the product and/or mentioning any of the persons or companies that are or may be implied in this post. 

I have challenged myself to read forty books this summer. Many books will be backlist titles as I’m trying to clear the stacks; but I have no doubt that new releases will make their way in too! 😉


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