Night Film Decoder

Night Film Decoder

Released August, 2013 by Random House, LLC

Random House has released an app to go along with the book, Night Film (by Marisha Pessl.) When you scan certain images in the book, extra material appears on your iPad/iPhone. Extra material that works off of image scans include movie posters from Stan Cordova’s films, taped (audio) notes from Ashley’s treating psychiatrist, a found diary from an actress who was at The Peak and a movie trailer for one of the films. There is also extra material in the app including surveillance footage of what may be Cordova, book trailers, photos of Marisha Pessl’s book journal… There is a lot of created content for Night Film

+ The idea of expanding the reading experience beyond the printed page, incorporating mixed media and technology is very novel. 
– The scans are ostensibly supposed to work off of images in the book that feature a red painted bird; but 1) the images are black & white and; 2) there are images without the painted bird that trigger the added content. 
– Some of the extra info (not triggered by scanned images) are simply PR pushes, e.g. featuring the author.
– This might have been better had it been integrated into one whole eBook for an truly immersive experience. Pulling the reader out of the physical copy of the book to access the extras pulls the reader out the story.

OTHER: I dnloaded the Night Film app from iTunes and used it from my second generation iPad. The app is free.


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