30/40: New Tricks (Andy Carpenter #7 by David Rosenfelt; narrated by Grover Gardner)


New Tricks

Andy Carpenter #7

by David Rosenfelt

narrated by Grover Gardner

Published in 2009 by Listen & Live Audio

7.50 hours

WHO: Andy Carpenter, a defense attorney…

WHAT: is assigned a pro-bono case in which he must decide who gets the custody of a potential show dog. Unfortunately one of the contenders is blown up and the other contender is indicted for the murder.  

WHERE: New Jersey

WHEN: circa 2007-2008

WHY: Andy has a predilection for canines and those who are truly dog people. 

HOW: Andy proceeds to become the defense attorney for the man accused of two counts of homicide and investigates what-the-heck-is-really going on.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST STATEMENT: Though I have opinions about this title, both as to why you might love this book and as to why you might not, both in terms of the writing and narration, it would be in bad form for me to review this book as my husband worked on it. If you have read or listened to this book and would like to express an opinion in comments though, it’s all good 🙂

You can check out other review(s) of this audiobook at AudiobookJukebox

OTHER:  Listen & Live Audio supplied a professional courtesy copy (CD edition) of New Tricks (by David Rosenfelt; narrated by Grover Gardner) to my husband and I grabbed it off the shelf in our living room.

I receive no monies, goods or services in exchange for reviewing the product and/or mentioning any of the persons or companies that are or may be implied in this post. Though I will admit that by not reviewing the title, I’m not being slapped on the literal or metaphorical wrists, which is a good thing.

I challenged myself to read forty books this summer and made it! Reviews, however, have been slower in coming. I expect that it may take me the rest of September to catch up on that score! 


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