31/40: Falling Upwards (by Richard Holmes)

Falling Upwards

by Richard Holmes

To be Published October 29, 2013 by Pantheon

WHO: A lot of Frenchmen, starting with Montgolfier…

WHAT: pursue the dream of flight…

WHERE: in Europe, England and America…

WHEN: from the eighteenth century through the present…

WHY: for the sake of adventure, egos and science…

HOW: through ballon aeronautics


OTHER: I received a galley copy of Falling Upwards (by Richard Holmes) from Blackstone Audio, Inc. for the express purpose of research: I vetted the manuscript for words and phrases that the narrator might have questions as to how to pronounce and; looked up the pronunciations. I will receive financial renumeration for looking up the pronunciations of the aforementioned words and phrases. As this title is work-related, I will not review this title. 

I challenged myself to read forty books this summer and made it! Reviews, however, have been slower in coming. I expect that it may take me the rest of September to catch up on that score! 


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