Single Review: Free Bird b/w Searching

A couple of weeks ago, I dug out the remnants of my 45s collection and discovered I had Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” b/w “Searching.” When I originally bought it in 1976, I was disappointed because I hadn’t realized that it was a recording of a live performance (Fabulous Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA) and I really wanted the slick studio version (Give me a break, I was eleven years old!) Anyway, DH has a 45 spindle for the turntable and I put “Free Bird” on last night and… Wow. Just Wow. I’m pretty sure that I bought “Free Bird” because of some idea that the lyrics meant something to me; but now it’s all about the emotional impact that the guitar work delivered. Amazing. I played it several times and each time I was more impressed (Of course, that could also have been the rum talking, but still…)

I found the video below of Lynyrnd Skynyrd playing and debated whether or not to post it. Southern rock unabashedly included Jack Daniels, weed and waving the Confederate flag; and the latter in particular makes me uncomfortable; but I decided to post it anyway, because of it’s archival significance and, *the music.*

(FREEBIRD THE MOVIE– LYNYRD SKYNYRD –  “Free Bird” starts at the 1:22:13 mark)


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