Album Review: Eat to the Beat

Eat to the Beat
Eat To The Beat

Chrysalis, 1979 (CHE-1225, CHE 1225)

When I first heard about Blondie, we spoke of her in whispers that were usually reserved for talking about cancer… Blondie played in seedy dives in NYC, bleached her hair, screamed into the mic and sacrificed babies or something forbidden… I didn’t really know, but I knew she was somehow beyond the pale and that she was doing things that I would never do (The obvious hubris and eventual irony of this is not lost upon me!) Within five years of Blondie’s appearance on my musical radar however, she was pretty mainstream and she was playing large venues, making a number of TV appearances and showing up as an actress in films. But there’s still a little of the old CBGB Blondie on the Eat to the Beat album, notably in songs like “Victor.”



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