Harry Potter Read-A-Long


Sheila, over at Book Journey, is hosting a Harry Potter Read-A-Long that launches today! The feature runs through March 2015 and is open to all who who are interested in reading or re-reading the Harry Potter novels!

Interestingly, I had made it a personal goal of mine this year to listen to all of the Harry Potter novels; however, I only got as far as the fourth book in the series, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I had planned to pick up Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in January, which works out perfectly as that is when the Harry Potter Read-A-Long will be covering the fifth book! I may be relatively quiet until January; but I’ll be lurking nonetheless (Think of me as wearing an invisibility cloak for a bit!)

I’m not a Millennial who grew up on Harry Potter, so my perspective and appreciation as an older reader diving into the works for the first time is going to be different; but I’m game! I have all the Harry Potter movies on hand as well. I’ve been watching the corresponding movie after finishing each audiobook, and if there is interest, I’d love to do a live tweetchat of the movie after every period. For instance: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone/Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is scheduled in the read-a-long for November 1-16, 2014. Viewers would get their copies of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (starring Daniel Radcliffe) on or about November 16, open up a tweetchat account (makes it easier to track the hashtags through the evening) and comment on the movie in progress. If you’re interested, let me know either in comments or on twitter (My twitter name is @dogearedcopy.) The hashtag for the read-a-long on twitter is #hpreadalong



8 thoughts on “Harry Potter Read-A-Long

  1. Can’t wait to hear all your thoughts as you finish up the series! And I’m game for a tweetchat about the movie. I’m LittleBirdReads on twitter


  2. Following you on Twitter – I’m @xbrookeb28x. I am definitely game for watching the movie and chatting together. That sounds like lots of fun! I’m really enjoying rereading and think this is a great chance for HP fans to connect. I’m wanting to listen to the audiobooks, too, as I’ve not done that. Still waiting on my first audiobook to come to the library though, so I’m reading the ebook until then. I look forward to reading and watching together. 🙂


  3. I’m a gen-xer who has never touched HP until this readalong. I think we’re all going to have fun. I’d love to listen to these books in audio, but the library copies are so grubby and there’s no way I’m paying $$$$$ to buy the digital versions. I’ll have fun in print instead.

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  4. I’m no millennial either! I fell in love with the books and read them like a kid, though I was sitting in my car on my lunch hour devouring books and lunch, wishing I had more time to read! I’d be interested in the tweetchat, too!


  5. This read-a-long is something I’m glad I’m doing, though struggled with the decision due to already being so overwhelmed. I’m really enjoying it after 7 years of only picking up SS a couple of times. The twitter chat’s a great idea, but I already know I can’t take the time out to actually WATCH the movie and chat about it 😦 I basically only listen to a movie occasionally, while I’m doing other things :/


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