2017 Armchair Audies

The 2017 finalists for the Audiobook Publishers Association’s Audie Awards have been announced! There are thirty categories with approximately five titles in each that the APA judges have deemed the best of the entries submitted. ON June 1, 2017, in NYC the winner of each category will be announced.

Jennifer Conner (a.k.a. @lithousewife and the APA Audiobook Blogger of the Year 2015) hosts the Armchair Audies in which YOU can be a judge! Listeners each pick a category, listen to the nominees, and decide which entry they think deserves to be the winner in the category. If you would like to play, check out the Armchair Audies blog… This is not affiliated with the APA, and decisions of the Armchair Audies have no bearing on the official Audie Award decisions.

I’ve participated for all five years, picking a different category each year. This year, I’ve picked Science Fiction:


I’ll listen to each of the title listed above, write a review, and post my pick before June 1, 2017!


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