Armchair Audies 2017: Original Work Category Pick!

Original Work

To determine my pick for the Original Work category, I ran a series of Head-to-Head contests between the five titles nominated. While the comments below each of the contest below are short, you can check out the full reviews I wrote for each of the titles by clicking on the clinks of the title in the #Head2Head subject lines.


#Head2Head #1: The Dispatcher vs The Adventures of Tom Stranger
“Tom Stranger” is furiously funny and fast-paced; and Adam Baldwin does not disappoint; but Correia is a Sad Puppy; and the manatee character sounds like a whale. And by now, we all know how perfect I think The Dispatcher is!
Winner of Round #1: The Dispatcher

#Head2Head #2: The Dispatcher vs Alien: Out of the Shadows 
This basically comes down to The Dispatcher having a cleaner script/story and Alien: Out of the Shadows being over-produced. So far, The Dispatcher is holding its own in two Armchair Audies categories!
Winner of Round #2: The Dispatcher

#Head2Head #3: The Dispatcher vs CarTalk Science: MIT Wants Its Diplomas Back
Tom Magliozzi passed away a couple of years ago, so it was fun to hear takes from the show he did with his brother, Ray. As always, they guarantee to put a smile on your face; but I have to admit that listening to them crack each other up segment after segment wore thin even within the short runtime of this original work. It seems that this was designed to entertain more than educate. So, by default, again, The Dispatcher!
Winner of Round #3: The Dispatcher

#Head2Head #4: The Dispatcher vs In the Embers
In the penultimate head-to-head challenge in this category, The Dispatcher wins by virtue of excellent production quality and a well-written story. I think the world of Robin Miles, and there was a lot of work that went into In the Embers; but in the end, it felt too much like community theater. I have issues with the script and post-production of In the Embers, and annoyed at having to listen to two hours of interviews.
Winner of Round #4: The Dispatcher


The DispatcherStorm King 1

#Head2Head #5: The Dispatcher vs Pete Seeger, Storm King, Vol. 2
I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and format of Pete Seeger, Storm King, Vol. 2: Pete Seeger tells an anecdote about his life; and a corresponding song, poem, or interview follows. It’s unique and interesting; but a bit slow.  Also, it doesn’t really stand-alone. You need to listen to the first volume to get the full effect. I found The Dispatcher much more engaging.
Winner of Round #5: The Dispatcher

My pick for the 2017 Armchair Audies in the Original Work category:

The Dispatcher


OTHER: I receive no monies, goods, or services in exchange for reviewing the product and/or mentioning any of the persons or companies that are or may be implied in this post.


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