Album Review: Mathematical Hands

Mathematical HandsMathematical Hands
Small Mountain Bear
(Not on a Label), 2012 (SMB-001)

It’s been a little too hot to fire up the amps, but fortuitously, much of the new vinyl that’s been coming my way also has dnload codes for mp3 tracks. Today, I got Mathematical Hands (by Small Mountain Bear) which actually included a CD edition as well as the LP instead – which works too! This album was cut from the proceeds of a Kickstarter campaign and released in 2012. The band has since disbanded; but the lead vocalist, Will Read, recently sent out 50 copies to vinyl enthusiasts on reddit.

The album is very mellow folk music with guitars, a dobro, and a banjo that give it a little country flavoring. In all honesty, even after having listened to it a couple of times, this album is a little too “soft” for me: None of the tracks really pop. The instruments are on par with the backup vocals, and the lyrics aren’t driven enough to capture my attention so it all becomes background music as I fuss on the internet or make lunch. While I don’t think this album is for me however, you may love it if you are into the less distracting kind of music that provides a pleasant hum to your day.

You can hear the whole of the album at the official band site, 
Below, “The Ballad of Jimmy Bean” which Will Read posted to



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