Audiobook Review: The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Technophobia; Time Reaver; AND Death and the Queen


By Matt Fitton
Directed by Nicholas Briggs
Performed by a Full Cast:
David Tennant as The Doctor; Catherine Tate as Donna Noble; Niky Wardley as Bex; Rachael Stirling as Jill Meadows; Chook Sibtain as Brian; Rory Keenan as Kevin and; Jot Davies as Lukas
Ⓟ 2016, Big Finish Productions

Doctor Who and his friend Donna land two years into the future in London. At the Technology Museum, it becomes clear that things are not what they should be: The head of an IT development company is there for an interview, but she becomes progressively more afraid of her own creation. Soon, fear, paranoia, and stupidity spread through the city; and The Doctor must race against time to figure things out…

The audio drama starts off fast and a bit disorienting. The script calls for an opening scene before the iconic theme music cuts in; and it takes a full quarter to a third of the audio to sort characters and plot out. While at first a little bewildering, it does place the listener in sympathy with the characters who likewise are slow to catch on to what’s happening to them and around them. Once in though, the script is original, fun, and at times humorous, though never losing the tension or drama of the events as they unfold.

David Tennant is The Tenth Doctor and delivers an expressive performance with his light Scottish lilt; but it must be noted that there are times his voice drops very low (whisper level) which makes some lines difficult to discern. Catherine Tate is also clear-voiced and brash as Donna Noble, the perfect counterpoint to the Doctor’s relatively nuanced and enigmatic demeanor. The head of the IT company, Brian, and the janitor are easily distinguishable; but the two females actresses at the beginning are so close in sounding alike, it contributes to the initial confusion as to who is who.

By Jenny T. Colgan
Directed by Nicholas Briggs
Performed by a Full Cast:
David Tennant as The Doctor; Catherine Tate as Donna Noble; Alex Lowe as Soren;  Sabrina Bartlett as Cora; Terry Molloy as Rone; John Banks as Gully and; Dan Starkey as Dorn
Ⓟ 2016, Big Finish Productions

On the planetary transit hub of Calibris, the head of the Lost & Found Department “finds” something interesting, and deadly in the wrong hands… or tentacles! The Doctor Who and Donna work with Vacintian agents to recover the found object…

The audio starts off fast, with an opening scene that makes clear that this adventure is not a continuation from “Technophobia;” and carries over none of the characters from the first audio drama in this series other than The Doctor and Donna Noble. The script is fast-paced with chase scenes and a sense of urgency, but making time for a little of The Doctor’s trademark combination of snark and compassion.  David Tennant as The Tenth Doctor and Catherine Tate as Donna Nobel return with performances consistent from “Technophobia”; and the cast of supporting actors are distinct (no confusion between any two characters as to whom is speaking.)

By James Goss
Directed by Nicholas Briggs
Performed by a Full Cast:
David Tennant as The Doctor; Catherine Tate as Donna Noble; Blake Ritson as Rudolph; Alice Krige as Queen Mum; Beth Chalmers as Hortense and; Alan Cox as Death
Ⓟ 2016, Big Finish Productions

The Doctor and Donna land in Monte Carlo where Donna finds her Prince; but will she find her HEA?  The Prince hails from a kingdom that no one has heard of; and there is an ulterior motive to his marriage proposal. The Doctor crashes the wedding with some answers; but will the Doctor lose Donna? Will the Kingdom be saved?

This adventure is neither a time (“Technophobia”) or space (“Time Reaver”) tale; but one of place; and is not a continuation of either of the other two stories in this set. Back on Earth, The Doctor and Donna come to a fork in the metaphorical road when Donna meets a prince in Monte Carlo. The Doctor becomes suspicious when he hasn’t heard of the prince’s kingdom, Gauritania; and his skepticism interferes with Donna’s pursuit of happiness. The Doctor’s relationship with Donna becomes strained owing to his intrusions as much as Donna’s stubbornness in refusing to admit that The Doctor may be right… The overall tension relies not on a race against time or an exciting chase scene; but on the dynamic between The Doctor and Donna. That is not to discount the battle scene, the wedding, and the surprise groomsman; but they are events that force the connection between The Doctor and Donna to come under closer scrutiny. The Doctor is forced into some surprising admissions! Overall, the story feels more like a comedy than a thriller or soap opera. Doctor Who adventures have a unique sense of humor that tends toward the dry and clever; but this one tipped over into more obvious humor, a bit campy or even cheesy.

David Tennant and Catherine Tate return as The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble respectively; and for better or worse, with the same consistency in performances as from “Technophobia” and “Time Reaver.”  The supporting cast was excellent, delivering lines with clarity; with distinction from other like characters (i.e. Rudolf and Death); and with the exaggerated affectations that the characters demand – all with aplomb .

This set of audio dramas are heavy on the sound effects, the overall aesthetic closer to radio drama with its Foley artists than the subtlety of a film score.

It’s all in good fun, and Doctor Who fans will enjoy the ride. Are they cannon though? This is debatable as the adventures do not fit into the TV franchises storylines per se; and are not actual BBC productions but that of a producing licensee. But they do have David Tennant and Catherine Tate; that instantly recognizable theme music; and most importantly, they add to, without taking anything away from The Doctor Who mystique. 

Trailer for the set:

I listened to CD copies of 1.1. The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Technophobia (By Matt Fitton; Directed by Nicholas Briggs; Performed by a Full Cast);  1.2. The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Time Reaver (By Jenny T. Colgan; Directed by Nicholas Briggs
Performed by a Full Cast) and; 1.3. The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Death and the Queen (By James Goss; Directed by Nicholas Briggs; Performed by a Full Cast) which I purchased through They are also available as CDs and as downloads directly from Big Finish. I receive no monies, goods, or services in exchange for reviewing the product and/or mentioning any of the persons or companies that are or may be implied in this post.

The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Death and the Queen (By James Goss; Directed by Nicholas Briggs; Performed by a Full Cast) is a finalist in the 2017 APA Audie Awards in the Audio Drama category.




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